So, you want to write for Bad News UK, do you?

Or perhaps you're neither amusing, clever, original or even clever, but believe you have something to offer in another area, hmm?

Don't raise your hopes too much. This is a closed shop, a tightly run outfit that only admits the best.


We are only interested in work from established writers and comedians (e.g. you have some experience of paid, professional work as a writer, stand-up or similiar). No novices please.

Another thing to bear in mind is that we are only interested in long-term team players and NOT one-off submissions of work.

Graphic Designers

We're currently interested in having another graphic/web designer come aboard. You should be a professional designer by day, capable of producing consistently creative work to deadlines, and full of new ideas and angles.

It's equally important that your sense of humour fits the bill, and that you have a good understanding of the concepts involved in newscasting, and ways of subverting them. You will have an art degree from a leading polyversity, a small beard, and an iMac with a 50 inch LCD display, and you will work in a converted coffee mill.


Although there is no immediate requirement for new people, We would be interested in hearing from anyone with outstanding technical skills in the following: XHTML 1.1, CSS 1/2, Javascript, ASP and SQL, with a genuine understanding of modern web production, and a desire to help take Bad News UK forward. We are open to suggestions on the use of other technologies in the future - WAP, PDAs etc.

Again, the right mindset and sense of humour is just as important as the technical skills.

Publishers/Radio or TV Producers

In the longer term, the Bad News UK team would love to take the project beyond the web arena - whether that takes the form of a book, a Radio show, or a TV programme. Anyone interested in working with us in these areas should get in touch.

If you still harbour some misguided belief that you have what it takes, please email citing your previous work.

We'll accept unsolicited submissions as email attachments, but cannot guarantee that they will be read in their entirity. If we want to talk to you, you will be mailed back with more information on how the Bad News UK team is run.

Ben Nunn
Senior Producer