Here at Bad News UK we've assembled perhaps the finest team of individuals since Templeton Peck found himself on a training course with Mr. T.

Our writers and researchers are among the finest working for us - and that's no lie. We share a collective aim, and that is to provide the most reliable, uninterrupted, unbiased, unbalanced news source on the planet.

We believe we've succeeded.

The current team

Ben Nunn

Ben Nunn is the founder, president, senior producer, creative director, imperial wizard and technical architect of BadNewsUK, and continues to work on creating new roles that he can assign to himself. He is 83.

Aaron Shakespeare

Aaron Shakespeare was once described as the most promising cast member of his one-man stage show, although this was not an opinion held by all. A writer, actor, comedian and theatrical director, he nevertheless still manages to find time to watch his vast collection of animal porn.

Dr. Mike Cunningham

Dr. Mike Cunningham has long been known as the 'father of comedy' - a title that he modestly has sewn into all his clothing by impoverished seamstresses in the Far East. For several years he was the youngest person in Ireland, until the birth of Andrea Corr.

Simon Thomas

Simon Thomas was found living in an abandoned caravan outside the BadNewsUK office, emerging only at night to scavenge discarded roaches from the bins. As part of the BadNewsUK Benevolence Outreach programme, he was offered a place in the team, and with it the chance to build a better life for himself.

No longer with us

Matt B. Davis

Matt B. Davis briefly wrote for BadNewsUK while a flight back to his hometown, America, was delayed. He has now returned to the simple yet fulfilling life of a crack-pipe tester.

Kimberly Bridge

Kim Bridge was a founding member of the BadNewsUK team, and it therefore came as a considerable loss when she decided to marry an Islamic Extremist from Saudi Arabia who forbids her from all types of work, forces her to wear a gherkin at all times, and makes her do suicide-bombings.

Richard Grinter

Richard Grinter turned his back on the world of comedy, and is now professor of baldness at Keele University.